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February 23, 2023

Reminder of Sponsorship obligation

When you sponsor an overseas worker under the Standard Business Sponsorship, your obligation applies beyond the term of sponsorship approval.

  • Certain events occur related to the approved business. You need to notify within 28 calendar days.
  • Ensure the overseas worker works only in the nominated occupation.
  • Ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment.
  • Not engage in discriminatory recruitment practices.
  • Keeps records.
  • Provide records and information.
  • Assume all costs yourself in relation to approval of sponsorship and approval of nomination.
  • Assume all costs yourself for all costs associated with the recruitment process.
  • You must pay reasonable and necessary travel costs to let the sponsored employee and their sponsored family members leave Australia.
  • Pay costs to locate and remove an unlawful non-citizen.
  • Cooperate with inspectors.

To retain or renew your standard business sponsorship, you must continue to meet the above obligations.

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